Exciting New Ideas To Explore Every Day

A Fun And Interactive Program To Inspire And Engage Your Child’s Brilliant Mind

Exciting New Ideas To Explore Every Day

A Fun And Interactive Program To Inspire And Engage Your Child’s Brilliant Mind

Toddlers | 18 Months - 3 Years | Serving Reynoldsburg, OH

Individualized Learning Tailored To Each Child

With dedicated and personal attention, your child flourishes in an environment where their strengths are encouraged. Enjoy regular meetings with their teachers to discuss their progress and set goals for their continuing development.

Expert Guidance From Loving, Trained Teachers

Stimulate and inspire your child’s growing mind! Qualified teachers cater to their learning styles, using engaging techniques and activities, from songs and stories to positive reinforcement and redirection.

Building Strength With Movement And Play

In spaces designed to encourage exploration, your child builds confidence in their physical abilities. Through interactive play with toys, balls, and climbable structures, they develop their strength and imagination.

A Social Approach To Bathroom Training

Your child embarks on their potty training journey with the care and support of their adults. They receive positive peer pressure – for great results- in the company of their peers. Together, they learn how their bodies work and see one another conquering this challenge one day at a time, for steady success.

Regular Outdoor Play For Fresh Air And Fun

With at least 30 minutes spent in vibrant outside spaces every day, your child has the chance to stretch their legs and spread their wings in safety. They walk, run, jump, and ride on the merry-go-round and toy train, with soft mulch at their feet and privacy fences all around.

A Play-Based Curriculum For A Strong Foundation

Age-appropriate activities crafted from the HighScope®️ program fill your child’s day with fun, interaction, and wonder. As they develop their abilities, each child fulfills their unique potential and conquers their challenges every day.

A Flying Start For Literacy

With a focus on fun, play, and interaction, your child starts to grasp the alphabet basics for a head start in their reading. At the same time, they use their flourishing language skills to communicate their needs and healthily express their emotions.

Exploring Art And Science For Far-Reaching Benefits

Through the use of vivid colors, exciting shapes, and other sensory stimulators, your child will experiment with new ideas in science. They expand their creativity to explore thrilling concepts and develop their social-emotional awareness.

Receive Important Updates Through A Reliable App

Parents receive important updates about their child’s day through a high-tech phone app that’s easy to use. Special pictures and videos keep you smiling and keep you informed as your child learns, plays, and discovers.

5-Star Rated By The State Of Ohio For Early Educational Excellence

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